Mondays  9.45am - 10.45am 

Mondays  11am - 12pm 

At Heene Community Centre, 122 Heene Road, Worthing BN11 4PL

£36 for 6 session block. Must book in advance with Martina.

There are no classes on Bank Holidays and occasionally when Martina is away.

We use a chair instead of having to get up and down off a mat on the floor so this class is suitable for people who may find this difficult. Suitable for those who are absolute beginners and who have experience of Yoga.

We sit in a circle. The majority of the session is spent sitting with between 10-20mins of standing with support of hands on chair where needed (if you are not able to stand this time can be used to work on breathing technique/upper body movements).

A Yoga practice that involves exercising all the joints in the body. This class will involve gentle movements, poses, breathing and relaxation techniques and meditation. Feel calm, more at ease and help relieve general aches and pains in the body to maintain good health. Just a few examples of conditions yoga can help with: hypertension, osteoporosis, arthritis, sleep problems, anxiety and depression.

Yoga promotes well being on all levels, mental, physical and emotional.

Regular clients have given positive feedback and find that by the end of the class they feel relaxed and calm. 

Start your week as you wish to go on by doing something positive for yourself on a Monday morning. You can even finish by visiting the cafe for a cuppa after.


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Martina has been teaching Yoga since 2007 in London and is now based in Worthing. She is professional, with experience of working with a wide range of clients and levels of experience.

Please wear loose comfortable clothing. Preferably with socks not shoes (optional). Recommended not eating 1 hour before class (or light snack only).

Please turn phone onto silent and it is preferable that you do not arrive late as it disrupts the class.

For more information, please contact Martina - Info: 07813 071923